e                          Purple-flowering Raspberry ( Rubus odoratus )          



It is in the Rose family but is thornless and has a maplelike leaf. A very showy flower in the woods



                                                                          Rugosa Rose ( Rosa rugosa )

      Notice the  leaves typical of Roses !

                                 Wood Sageeucrium (Teucrium canadense)

Teucrium comes from Teucer, hero in the war of Troy. He was stepbrother of Ajax. He was a very efficient archer. Teucrium would have the form of an arrow!

                            Hedge Bindweed (Convolvulus sepium )

To reach light this plant will twine around taller flower's stem. Sometimes it is called by farmers : the stifling grass. 

                           Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus)

An individual enlarged flower.

This very nice flower is a recent eurasian conquest. You will find it along the St.-Lawrence River from Lake St-François to St-Jean Port-Joli (In soft water.)

                     Spreading Dogbane     (Apocynum androsaemifolium )

This nice flower is looked upon as a poisonous flower. Touching it can result in skin irritation. Unlike Sumac poison it brings a weak and rare skin reaction. It smells very good.

                                Eyebright ( Euphrasia americana )


The generic name means "Delight" : a delight  looking at this nice little flower.

                             Monkey Flower ( Mimulus ringens )

This photo was taken on the Saint Lawrence river banks. This flower is one of endangered species. But if you find this flower has a monkey face, your imagination is not endangered ! Look at the two pale spots as the eyes. Then you will see the large opened ears on each side and the big nose and mouth under.

      Philadelphia Fleabane      (Erigeron Philadelphicus)

This plant does not grow in Philadelpia streets ! It was dedicated to the broderly city because of its great contribution in botanic science.