Pink Lady's Slipper ( Cypripedium acaule )


This magnificent flower is in the Orchid  Family. Don't pick it ! It propagates poorly. It is in danger because of its beauty. Anyway we should never pick wildflowers.

                                                 Northern Pitcher Plant  ( Sarracenia purpurea )  

This plant owes its generic name to Doctor Sarrazin.( Hotel-Dieu de Québec, first hospital in North America. cerca 1630) The plant is said carnivorous. In fact,  insects drown in rain water inside its tube-like leaves. Insects are digested mostly by bacterias. 

Nota Bene : This photo was taken in U.S.A.



                  Purple sweet Violet ( Viola odorata )

The first of May I pay them a visit. There fragrance is never-to-be forgotten.

Did you know that Napoléon's friend's gave him a nickname :  «Capitaine Violet » ? A so humble flower was his favourite. I hope there were some 

 Long-spurred Violet

    The lower petal has a long spur well   seen on this photo.

Blue Flag ( Iris versicolor )


 This photo of the Blue Flag was taken along the St. Lawrence river.  This flower is the floral emblem of Quebec. 

                       Rose Twisted-stalk ( Streptopus roseus )

Pay attention when you walk in the wood. You may miss this flower. The flower hides under large leaves. Woods are discret gardens !


What a discovery right in the middle of a forest !

                Chivesild Garlic (Allium Schoenoprasum) 

These flowers are growing on the Saint-Lawrence river banks far afield of any building. Are they genuine wildflowers ? I'm not sure.