Large-flowered Trillium   ( Trillium grandiflorum )

This showy Trillium is the largest.It is Ontario's floral emblem.

                   Starflower  ( Trientalis borealis )                                     

Did you ever see the shadow of a Starflower ?

              Star Chickweed ( Stellaria graminea )  

Ask the poet. Which object looks more like a star ? The flower on the ground or real stars in the sky ?



Canada Mayflower  ( maianthemum canadense )

This small firework is wide spread from Georgia to Labrador and Newfoundland. On this photo it is enlarged many times.

        Moosewood  ( Viburnum alnifolium )

This flower should be named : Bride headdress. It owes its name to the layout of its branches looking like moose woods.

         Painted Trillium  ( Trillium undulatum )

A very showy flower. Don't pick them.  They don't behave well in a pot ! Anyway we should never pick wildflowers.

 Jack-in the-Pulpit  ( Arisaema triphyllum )

We all remember the preacher in the pulpit. Indians had another name for this curious flower : Cradle. Living with flowers, they used them as food and drugs and had often better names for them. This plant grows tall : around a meter.

        Two-leaved toothwort  ( Dentaria diphylla )

Blooming early in springtime this lowly flower is always welcome. Its underground stem is tooth-like.

           Red baneberry  ( Actae rubra )

This flower has bright red fruits. Children may succumb to the temptation. They are poison.