Dogtooth Violet  (Erythronium americanum)   


 It is there very early in springtime before the leafy shade of the mapletrees. This photo was taken on a rainy day. The layer of yellow flowers is like a spot of sunshine. 

       Bluebead-lily  (Clintonia borealis)                            

Notice the large, shiny, oblongue leaves topped by three or more yellowish bell-like flowers. The plant owes its name to the nice blue fruit who is toxic.

         Marsh Marigold  (Caltha palustris )


Its gleaming leaves and shiny cadmium yellow flowers give the plant a strong and healthy look.    

                                 Dandelion ( Taraxacum officinale)


A well known flower in America ! It grows nearly everywhere. The leaves are deeply toothed and lobed.  The word  : dandelion with a french accent sounds exactly like Dent de lion wich means Lion's tooth.This  flower's name in spanish is : Diente de león wich also means Lion's tooth ! Don't pick the stem. Its abundant milky juice is messy.

                                     Coltsfoot  ( Tussilago farfara)

Somewhat different, it is very often mistaken for the Dandelion. Its stalk is scaly. The leaf  grows later than the flower, it is large and has a vague resemblance with  colt's foot.You will find it along  the roads and waste places.

                 Downy Yellow Violet (Viola pubescens)


Some prefer yellow violets. Ask these two coleopters about it. 




                                                         Yellow Rocket ( Barbarea vulgaris )

This early blooming cousin in the Mustard family grows in bunch in open fields. It has dense cadmium yellow clusters very showy.

      Indian Cucumber Root ( medeola virginiana )

Notice the two-floor leaves and the yellowish hanging flower with  recurved petals.

                              Yellow Flag

  This photo was taken along the Saint Lawrence river. The Yellow Flag is rarer than the blue. Leaves  seen on the photo are not its leaves. The Yellow Flag has long sword-like leaves.