Spotted Touch-me-not ( Impatiens capensis )

Seeds are expelled around by an explosion of their elastic capsule when touched at maturation.

   Orange Hawkweed ( Hieracium aurantiacum )

Ancients thought  hawks used this plant to ameliorate their sight.

Leave a piece of land fallow and look what you get on the Island of Orleans  : a nice tapestry.

            Swamp Sunflower  (Helenium autumnale )





This flower was photographed late in summer on Saint Lawrence River shore.



        Butter-and-Eggs ( Linaria vulgaris )


Grows everywhere but prefers dry soils. The first time I saw this flower was near the railroad tracks. May be the last train had a dining car. 

    Birdsfoot Trefoil  ( Lotus corniculatus )

Its pod arrangement look like a birdsfoot. In ancient times this pea family plant was used as an excellent fodder.  Alexander-the-great horses surely ate some of this nice showy plant !

      Evening Primrose ( Onoethera biennis.)

Its name refers to its opening at setting sun. Is that really true ?

      Wall Pepper   (Sedum acre) 


A somewhat rare flower who grows on dry rocky soils. May be its small thick leaves  are a water reserve. Its five pointed petals and its long spread-out stamens are characteristic.

                              Tall Goldenrod  ( Solidalgo altissima )

Bees love its nectar. The result is a coloured and strong honey.