Silverweed  ( Potentilla anserina ) )

You will find this little yellow flower creeping almost everywhere in nature and gardens  or in bushes. This photo was taken on Saint Lawrence shore.

 Ropugh Cinquefoil (Potentilla Norvegica)

Potentilla recta is a Silverweed's sister. Its an erect plant. Notice the separated and notched petals showing largely the sepals


Common Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris )

Like the Marsh Marigold it has a shiny reflecting surface. Being young we were placing the flower under our friends' chin to evaluate their taste for butter !


 Yellow Wood Sorrel    ( Oxalis europeae )

Easy identification. Leaves figuring three facing hearts.

 Meadow Salsify  (tragopodon pratensis)

It grows in fields and waste places. Its single flower on the head of the stem opens in the morning and close by noon. It dominates wild grasses.