Common Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)

It is a tall plant, three feet high. The cluster looks like a platform. Greeks used it to embalm their deads. The common name refers to Athanasia that means Immortality.

Swamp Candles  (Lysimachia terrestris)   Frindge Loosestrife
(Lysimachia ciliata)
 Why this generic name ? Lysimaque, king of Ancient Sicily used  this plant to pacify a furious bull. It was a feat of arms. Bulls are rarely in love with flowers  when they are furious ! Why "terrestris" for a plant that lives in swamps ? The famous botanist Linné who saw this plant without its flower, by mistake, called it "phoradendron terrestris". The last word is still remaining.


Years ago were they  garden flowers? Are they escaped flowers ?  "Weeds" remembering their past ? I found them miles from gardens.

 Common St-Johnswort ( Hypericum perforatum )


There are many small yellow flowers in Nature. Each one is different . This one has numerous long stamens. If you hold the leaves in face of light you will see small pale dots taken for holes. You surely have seen the common St-Johnswort. It is very common


 Cut-leaved Coneflower ( Rudbeckia laciniata)



No. This is not my garden. The photo was taken far from all civilization and gardeners. The Cone flower is in danger. The Purple Loosestrife is very invasive and overruns other flowers. Fortunately it is a very nice flower.