Do you pay any visit to wildflowers ? Most people don't. They are unaware of them. Is it because they have to look far afield to find tiny flowers without any real interest ? As for me, I go regularly visiting wildflowers. And it is always a delight. I take many photographies. Most of them were taken "around my house" on the Island of Orleans. Some of them, enlarged, enhance the beauty of the flower. Does the size of a flower play a part in its charm ? Many people think so : For them the volume of a flower is a factor of seduction. My pictures are accompanied by light comments, like the "Doctrine of Signatures" involving Ancients' faith in flowers' curative power. I am not a botanist. I just love wildflowers. I probably made identification errors. So your comments will help and please me. I want this site to be progressive. Flowers are put together in groups according (more or less) to their colour and flowering season.

Sophie loves small flowers !